Differentiation of IPRO’s VPM (Variable Payload Munition) and VMM (Vortex Magnified Munition)

A series of barrel shaped capsules of non Newtonian Gallium derivatives are placed in the front center of the round behind a hardened head. The increased surface area only nominally effects total volume but dramatically curtails the negative effects on accuracy. The Army’s 1961 study on fluid dynamics in ballistics overlooked this. Concerns of lighter rounds falloff are answered by Gallistan. Non toxic due to Indium and Tin deionization and solid at ignition and after the bullets nose collapses on impact. In addition the separation of fluid(s)allows for the potential to select various reagents to mix on impact. In essence one simple inexpensive lead free round for all missions. Reduction of costs for shipping and deployment would make the round so fiscally efficient that a savings (based on last years 8B round consumption) $10B-$25B annually would pay for another entire weapons platform.