The Speed of Polarity. 

Newton “The vis insita, or innate force of matter, is a power of resisting by which every body, as much as in it lies, endeavours to preserve its present state, whether it be of rest or of moving uniformly forward in a straight line”.

Once a give elements acceleration exceeds the proportional speed of the electrons ellipse around its nucleus (adjusted for linear time) it will reach a new demarcation between the speed of sound and the speed of light. The element will no longer behave like conventional matter due to compression stress at this velocity. It will in fact convert to the positron of what is currently know as “Dark Matter” in quantities that would take the largest collider hundreds of millions of years to produce. Mach 9.2 is the needed velocity of the projectile. As a railgun collider marriage is the likely genesis for such a project you could have a Rail that benignly passed through matter or annihilates itself and the matter. A rail that enters a collider at the impact box would atomized matter in a way that will open the door for a new age of weapons. The country that solves this first will have the option of world domination. We have no confidence that people who bet such projects understand the implications of such technology so in our view it will sit on the shelf for a while.


Rail Gun Design with Impact Optimization Using Alternatative Polarities

The quantum equations of several of Hawking’s and Einstein’s prime theories are potentially useful using a parallel or tandem overlay for greatly enhancing  our nations rail gun defense applications. 

Sprinkler Systems Eavesdropping Using Sound Channelled from Sprinler Heads

Utilization of fire sprinklers and showers for sovereign or foreign surveillance. As water transmits sound a sound pattern differentiation system like a submarine uses to give tango solutions. System plugs into uthe fire sprinkler network and sort the sounds from each room by distance and frequency. Given to the NSA or CIA it would provide options for surveillance not answered by Eagle Eye.

Human Trafficking Victims a Hidden Vector for a Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Pandemic in America.

As we studied the new fatal drug resistant Tuberculosis and its vectors causing transmission from Asian and India, a strange coincidence occurred. Two human trafficking units move into one of our researchers apartment buildings. A tony penthouse unit located in Los Angeles..

These sexual slavery units alerted us to an as of yet unidentified yet substantial communicable disease vector. As the DARPA dark web surveillance arrests show, these units are easily spotted by the attentive. Made obvious by almost hourly arrivals of non residents leaving freshly showered with small water bottles. Inappropriate wifi’s identified by names like “genitalia,” were also evident along with a defects in most of the the security cameras.

Traditionaly property managers are paid to turn a blind eye. We felt bad for the victims, as normally, according to our friends at the FBI, the chance of intervention for these girls is almost nil. He did report it to the Los Angeles FBI for procedural purposes along with the liscence plates of a few possible “clients.”

The Brothel owners even deceived LAPD and sent in a six officer felony arrest squad into our researchers unit with false information. As a Caucasian in a Korean building who gave off a law enforcement feel he was apparently considered a threat. Fortunately He knew the lead officer so no harm done, though things could have gone differently without the Officers quick thinking and adherence to procedure.

After this events a series of threats and Progressivly more violent attacks occurred, extending a prayer for the victims, as a single dad our researcher chose to move. He found constant danger and having a parade of sexual criminals going up and down the elevator with his children was not something he was able to remain comfortable with.

In an analysis what initially stimulated by outrage at the traffickers misuse of police resources; we later came to view as a communicable disease revelation. Thinking clinically again we realized it is not a moral or criminal issue. At its most practical & serious level it is a communicable disease issue. Poor girls like this one below are advertised on CityVibe. They are unwitting vectors.

This girl who street name is Hanna is now said to be enslaved in the same condo our researcher left. Drug resistant TB and the frequency of its transmission from oral-oral and oral contact with semen or fecal material, is a area of study for us. Once we looked at this tragic social problem only from a communicable disease stand point. Each prostitute who advertises BBBJ, BBBJTCIM, and Rimming is a serious potential centre of communicable disease transmission. Especially the new incurable Tuberculosis.

We have contact the CDC by phone and via certified letter and believe the CDC should intercede in the public interest.

This morning a Doctor in the U.K. made us aware of more details about the very prevalent and drug resistant TB coming in from India. Here is the racial breakdown of clients of the 10k -20k of trafficked South and North Korean women providing unprotected sex services in the US.

It is as follows, 31% Indian or Pakistani, 27% Caucasian, 12% Middle Eastern, 9% Asian African America 5%, Hispanic 10%, Other 6%. This means drug resistant TB will soon be a common occurrence in North America.We are writing to the CDC by certified mail today. I encourage you to do so as well.

We hypothecate a subpoena for the list of members at prostitution sites like would be a logical starting point for stopping this outbreak. As would immigration testing for incurable TB. Each of the exploiters themselves are unknowing risks to the public health. The also hold the key to the locality of the primary vectors, theses unfortunate trafficked and enslaved women.

We were surprised on find just this one site, tens of thousands of patrons admit (in writing) to exposure to incurable TB by their frequent unprotected, oral-oral- oral-anal oral-gentital contact as documented in the available services menus on the site. Further and more specifically documented on an individual basis by their personal reviews of their compensated sexual encounters.

These same “hobbyists” (their term not ours) will have a significant potential to infect their spouses or girlfriends and children. Many are bi-sexual so boyfriends get exposed too. Once it gets into the primary school system we will have a pandemic.

We are looking at tens of thousands of new potential infection events every week. Every state in the union is effected. Most pronounced are Los Angeles and New York. The CDC could simply close the apartment complexes knowingly or unknowingly harbouring the illegal brothels and spreading the disease. A simple enforcement of Heath Code violations to protect the public.

According to trafficking websites found by DARPA’s study (above) the front office staff are usually part of the trafficking compensation model.

This would appear to an MD to be a necessary action health code action. Then, after confirmation of potential disease transmission by questioning the clients the CDC could detail the precise units they visit.

The CDC could end the disease transmission problem very quickly. Very much in the spirit of DARPA’s brilliant new 60 day pandemic containment protocols.

Out of self interest the apartment owners would then by fiscal necessity “Police” the disease transmission issue themselves. They would be able to do this remotely by reviewing the logs for units with a disproportionate number of remote “buzz in” events each day.

They could also install a civilian version of the red light camera. A device to track comings and goings which could be of benefit to residents for all kinds of other civil and criminal.