Protected: Our Seismic Predictions 11/1/17 – 3/1/18.

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The Malfunction of non Sovereign Crypto Currency and the Three Pathways to its Demise.  

The Demise go Crypto Currencies in the long run is inevitable. In fact in the early years I was a believer thinking an electronic universal medium of exchange was the future….

Improved Neural Enhancement Protocol for Special  Warfare Warriors 

The super soldier must achieve intellectual & physical and aggression augmentation without tainting reason. Warfighter operating in a high threat state.

While competing with the ChiCom’s at this task was not easy, we prevailed. The North Koreans and Chi Com’s are not limited in long term toxicity therapy. In their programs FDA dosage limits do not apply . Chinese studies reflect use of agents like Modafinil. Then escalating dosages until their subjects died of toxicity.

A super soldier (relatively) safe short term (30 days) therapy of several synergistic agents within FDA guidelines does now exist. Any help in guiding us where to forward our formulary would be deeply appreciated.