A Tri Spike Super Heated Bayonet – Muzzle Break – Rifle Stand – Rifle Rest- Barrel Heat Disapator – Vortex Range Enhancer – All in a Single Weapons System. 

Muzzle Break – best in the world
Rifle Stand
Rifle Rest
Barrel Heat dissipator
800 degree Bayonet
No sticking no surviving three 7″ prongs
Tungsten Carbide tips slice through body armor
Vortex on gas not eliminated by muzzle brake caused a accuracy enhancement vortex.
Light and durable.
Submitted to ARDEC 08/09/2017

Jeremy Frattini’s comment
“Wicked, is it the field yet??”

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A.R. Salter- Arnott
“No we have submitted to ARDEC and SBiR. Even the guys who won’t put on a bayonet love them.
Department of Defense may green light it .”

What This British Soldier Did When Ambushed And Outnumbered Was Truly Amazing

Sean Jones Brit
via Ministry Of Defense

Ambushed, outnumbered, and under fire, the first thing British soldier Cpl. Sean Jones did was fire a rocket at the enemy.

Then he gave the order: “Fix bayonets.”

The British Ministry of Defense just released an award citation which describes how Jones led a bayonet charge across 80 meters of open ground in the face of withering enemy fire.

“I asked [the men] if they were happy. They were all quite young lads and the adrenalin was racing. I shouted ‘follow me!’ and we went for it,” said Jones.

Jones said the ambush was “well-planned,” and came from three separate points of contact. He fired a rocket at one, and then they charged the two others.

The Taliban did not expect the “aggression and audacity” of the move, and they scattered, fleeing the fight.

From the citation:

“Fighting a determined enemy force, on ground of their own choosing, he epitomized the best qualities of the British infantry – gritty determination, controlled aggression, tactical cunning and complete disregard for his own safety.”

The award is the third highest award for valor.