Rail Gun Design with Impact Optimization Using Alternatative Polarities

The quantum equations of several of Hawking’s and Einstein’s prime theories are potentially useful to America’s defense. By using a parallel or tandem overlay of the forumrs to greatly enhancing  our nations rail gun defense applications.

Due to the correlations evidenced in these great scientists pinnacle theoretical works,  one can with imagination and thought craft an accurate thesis from an amalgam based approach. A synergy that could rival the Manhattan Project in promoting American military superiority.

We can learn most about blending their equations in the area of velocity and time.  The goal, to harness a geometrically advanced combined potential. We must gazing at God’s universe through a good lens. The target? The existence of dark matter and dark energy that intrigues and confuses us. 

The two  new and expanding proposed forms are dark matter alongside dark energy. They are a cosmological constant representing a most energy and matter filling space homogeneously including scalar fields such as quintessence or moduli, dynamic quantities whose energy density can vary in time and space. Contributions from scalar fields that are constant in space are usually also included in the cosmological constant. 

The cosmological constant can be formulated to be equivalent to the zero-point radiation of space i.e. the vacuum energy.  Scalar fields that change in space can be difficult to distinguish from a cosmological constant because the change may be extremely slow.

Interacting dark energy is a  class of theories  that attempts to come up with an all-encompassing theory of both dark matter and dark energy as a single phenomenon that modifies the laws of gravity at various scales. This could for example,  treat dark energy and dark matter as different facets of the same unknown substance, or postulate that cold dark matter decays into dark energy. Another class of theories that unifies dark matter and dark energy are suggested to be covariant theories of modified gravities. These theories alter the dynamics of the space-time such that the modified dynamic stems what have been assigned to the presence of dark energy and dark matter. The constant is in fact velocity represented as a changed to as of yet undefined polarity.

We at IPRO Concepts believe in simplicity of atomic structure. Nuance not paradigm. We think  that you will continue to observe God’s universal ellipsis of creation in these dark siblings. From our electron microscopes take pictures of the infinitesimal elegance of rotating atomic particles. Then  at the heavens using the Hubble’s capacity to view the enormities of the most pendulous galactic rotations. Everything a elipse unless changing state. 

Both are sensibl paths to the main bridge between the continual re-tasking of matter to energy. A single unit that makes everything. 
Viewed as one equation all things (matter or energy) should then be made of a God’s universal building block. The Louis Block. 

Here is the Louis Dark Polarity velocity Theory. Accept E=MC2? If so can we then also accept E=M? Yes? Then theoretically it follows  -E = -MC2. Since the basic Eisenstein theorem is essentially proven well enough to be accepted by even Jesuitical physicists. The  theoretically rigid usuallly concede that time acts as both a fluid variable and also a (divine?) constant  depending on an objects velocity.

Somehow these traits of  relatively occur both simultaneously and at different times. A star, that is a black hole that is nothing (Hawking).. Perhaps time is not ossified in the conventional  individual linear way? Einstein saw the speed of light as the current governance for velocity. Why do so few scientists focus on that almost incomprehensible yet (we believe) ultimately calculable yet paradoxical as it could be seen as a comparable incomparability?

General relativity describes gravity and the laws of motion for both positive and negative energy particles, hence negative mass, but does not include the other fundamental forces. Or does it? On one hand, the Standard Model describes elementary particles and the other fundamental forces, but it does not include gravity. A unified theory that explicitly includes gravity along with the other fundamental forces may be needed for a better understanding of the concept of negative mass.

The Einstein equivalence principle postulates that inertial mass must equal passive gravitational mass. The law of conservation of momentum requires that active and passive gravitational mass be identical. All experimental evidence to date has found these are, indeed, always the same. In considering negative mass, it is important to consider which of these concepts of mass are negative. In most analyses of negative mass, it is assumed that the equivalence principle and conservation of momentum continue to apply, and therefore all three forms of mass are still the same.

We theorize understanding C2 and the effect on polarity of velocity between two relative objects. This  is the Rosetta Stone to synthesizing a quintessential polarity. Time varies even on our own planet from mountain to sea shore. Time is not considered to be a force controlled by even the most arrogant of men. Times relativity is proof that man has only scratched the surface of understanding our universe’s age genesis and longevity.

Therefore, in considering our theorem of the Louis Block we must comprehend both the basics of matter and its mysterious antithesis, dark matter,

 IPRO Concepts believes that we will find that the five forms of matter and energy are governed by some of the the same laws of physics that we accept today. It is then logical to hypothecate that all things, energy, matter, dark matter, and dark energy must be composed of a single base structure of inconceivably small or perhaps even fluxing size due to discrepancies in relative age (partially evidenced in the relationship between time and velocity). So why do these forms exhibit anomalous behaviors? 

Should our subsequent equations support this, one quite logical conclusion drawn from the five dissimilar but co-existing states (each seeming to be in a both reactive and non-reactive relationships with others states in ways we don’t yet comprehend) 

The IPRO Concepts velocity solution may be quite simplistic and elemental. It doesn’t mean it’s in accurate. Current theory may be a classic case of overthinking.

All accepted observations can only be made possible (in our view) by a separation created by a multiple of polarities. The  conversion of matter to energy or even vice versa is governed by the laws of physics. Then it is logical explore the of possibility of five polarities; two structures identical except for dark matter and perhaps dark energy possessing  “anti poles.” That would cause five unique states that can coexist with or without intersecting or eliciting reactions from their sister states. The two known and and excepted states of matter and energy.  These behaviors are already well mapped.

This means the structures of dark matter would add at least a third polarity (X) and Fourth polarity (Q). And a fith polarity (Z) All polarized combinations will be found to be composed of a single theoretical particle we choose to call a” Louis Block,” which will be differentiated from matter and energy by its state and as matter yhe type of polarity it exhibits. The parallel construct whose polarities we previously named (X) and (Y) and  (Z).

This theory alone would allow energy and matter to convert, travel, and combine into a myriad of known and as of yet unknown potentials. They could do so uneffected by gravity in certain combinations. Non Newtonian design is already being accepted 

If inter dimensionality is accurate as postulated, the universe would then harness the possible six times the compositions just within the two dimensional classic periodic table of elements. An additional type energy with a new polarity would stir the celestial cauldron and bring cataloging structural variants to the limits of human intellect.

Furthermore, the transference of these “Louis Blocks” may involve travel between or through one place of extremes mass (a black hole) or extreme energy (a sun) would rely on the fact that the sub configuration of a “Louis Block” has the four polarities. The two non-correlating polarities would react differently to the matter or energy we recognize around it and may possibly explain Hawking’s radiation; radiation being created from M(N) traveling through a black hole ending as dark energy. Changed but immune to the individual singularity.

Perhaps this is Gods conveyor belt to move the “Louis Blocks” around in location form polarity and time as He chooses. In this equation form, time (relativity), and five  polarities allows all as He wills. Depending on velocity determined by form and locality. 

As we are now treading the waters of inter-dimensional potential, how could such knowledge be temporally harvested?

Imagine a rail gun where five  polarities were used. The range penetration and destruction potential of a rail of of a new as of yet undefined polarity (X) would be absolute. Supremacy assured to any nation that understood and could alter the new quantum equation of polarity through velocity.  A rail transitionted to a dark   matter  state through velocity passes through or obliterates conventional matter or energy thus Invulnerable to countermeasures. 

This  if the rails polarization is redefined to dark matter via a velocity calculation to a new  polarity just as the rail impacts. 

The rail gun evolution we decided on is simple too simple. Simple enough to threaten our military advantage. The idea of a large mass with enormous kinetic transfer may glorious visually but erroneous in optimizing potential. The most efficient way? The key must be velocity. 

This is more easily achieved with less mass. Think of it this way 

1) speed of sound “Sonic Boom” 

2) speed of polarity “Dark Matter” 

3) speed of light “Relativity of time” 

A small projectile fired at sufficient velocity. Even a small one that could have a enormous effect on conventional matter. If velocity caused an opposing transition we could pass thru the moon or non opposing  blow the moon out of the sky. 

This could leave our enemies, especially superstitious non Christians without a will to fight. 

I hope we are all delusional and fatigued but velocity is the only trigger left for a multi polarity universe. Mass is ignored So somewhere between the speed of sound and speed of light may be a third crucial demarcation line in speed. 

The speed of polarity. Is it evidenced by a universe gathering velocity as these more common opposing forces push the pieces into God’s final design. 

This sits so far outside of Thouless and Co. Nobel in 2015 that if we had a Gulag the train would be leaving the station with us.  

On a practical level we also designed a 3 component body armor today that we can submit to ARDEC now. Call it threat level 10. Penetrators won’t work on it. 

A .50 BMG link might due to a high cyclic rate,  but we would need to test a prototype to be sure. We will get to work and asses the impenetrability and practicality of “Gondor Gear.” 

I know it sounds nuts but someone with the right clearance and patrotice purpose needs to grab a physics person versed on the described polarity potential. 

We don’t need credit and can happily take blame if debunked this is like the hydrogen bomb. Louis is so sharp,  he has few equals.. I met some smart people around my father. Men like Watson & Crik, Linus Pauling . Nobel Laureates were pretty common around the house. Luis is beyond them. He makes me so proud of him. Every adversity you can place in a mans way and yet he dwarfs me intellectually. All I can do is keep him focused and encouraged. 

For a practical hypothetical….A North Korean enrichment facility hit by an object the size of a baseball travel fast enough to be repolarized …. atomized. 

Risks? As the very cost (X) rail would have no range inhibitors and after firing a failure to change polarities back upon impact deceleration would result in it leaving earths surface at curve never to be retrieved after failing to wipe out an intended target. Testing would be significantly costlier than a standard rail gun for a short time during target accuracy equation validation.